Rosebud Denture Clinic is committed to providing a high level of care to our patients. We have over
30 years of experience within the Dental Industry and will work in consultation with you to achieve the results you seek.
Our work is all Australian made using quality materials by highly skilled technicians and the majority is constructed in our Rosebud laboratory.

We use specialty Australian laboratories to provide the highly technical components such as Cast metal dentures and Flexible dentures as well as Denture Implant frameworks. We also provide high quality Custom Sports Mouthguards.

We refer to and are referred by Local and Metropolitan based Dentists and Dental specialists and we embrace a team approach to resolving complex issues.

We do not charge for an initial consultation so feel free to book an obligation free appointment to see Geoff to discuss your denture needs


Geoffrey Lott - Adv. Dip Dental Prosthetics

Geoff commenced his dental training whilst serving with the Royal Australian Army and taught dental technicians for 10 years. He left the Army in 2001 and set up a Dental Laboratory to service dentists on the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne. 

He undertook his clinical training in Melbourne and established Rosebud Denture Clinic to provide dental prosthetics of exceptional quality, with  service and care to the people of the Mornington Peninsula.


At Rosebud Denture Clinic, we are proud to support our Veterans under the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. We also support all Private Health Funds as well as State Trustees, TAC and Insurance claims. We have HICAPS direct electronic claiming and support all major credit cards except American Express.

Full Dentures are prescribed when all of the teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw or in both jaws. They can be a routine replacement or constructed to replace teeth which are about to be extracted. (See Immediate Dentures below).

We pride ourselves on creating affordable, comfortable, strong and natural looking dentures. All of our dentures are processed using high strength Lucitone Acrylic and we have a wide range of tooth variety to choose from.

We can place Identification in dentures worn by those in Nursing Homes to minimise the possibility of loss. We can also replace your dentures if they are lost while you are in hospital under care, usually at no cost to you.

Acrylic Partial Dentures have the teeth attached to a gum coloured acrylic base and are usually held in the mouth using stainless steel clasps.

Our natural and affordable Acrylic Partial Dentures are constructed using high strength Lucitone acrylic which is well known in the industry to be more break resistant than most conventional acrylics.

Flexible Partial Dentures have the teeth attached to a gum coloured base and uses state of the art, flexible material and the design of the denture to hold it in the mouth without the need for stainless steel clasps.

These are suitable in most cases for those with an acrylic sensitivity or a desire to have no metal in their mouth.

Metal Partial Dentures are constructed using a Chromium Cobalt based alloy which is biocompatible in the mouth.

These dentures can be made extremely thin, are very strong and will have the denture teeth attached with gum coloured acrylic. These dentures usually incorporate metal clasps to hold them stable in the mouth, however they can also be constructed so that the clasping is made of the flexible resin used in Flexible Partial Dentures so that no metal clasping is visible.

Implant retained Dentures are held in the mouth with the aid of small Titanium implants placed into the jaw by a Dental Surgeon.

They are particularly effective when used in the lower jaw to stabilise and retain a full lower denture where the jaw bone is very flat.

Implants can also be used in the upper jaw and when four implants are used, the denture base design can be made much smaller and the need to cover all of the palate can be avoided. Implants can also be used to assist retention in a partial denture.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate full or partial dentures are constructed before the dentist removes all or some of your teeth and are inserted immediately after tooth extraction.

The main advantage for an immediate denture is that you will not have to go without teeth during the healing process.

Temporary Dentures

Temporary Dentures are used to replace missing teeth as part of a treatment plan which will involve surgical or implant treatment.

When used as part of an Implant procedure, they are generally worn until the dentist is ready to fit the new tooth to the implant.


Over time, your bone and gum underneath your dentures will shrink and the dentures will not fit as well as when they were new. Relining both full and partial dentures will make your dentures fit better as the process will refit your denture to the new shape of your jaw. This process will not however make any changes to the teeth themselves. We can usually reline your denture and return it to you on the same day.


Dentures are not indestructible, however we can usually repair breakages of the denture or teeth. We can also add teeth to your denture to replace others which have been removed after the denture was made. The wire clasps can also break and these too can be replaced. Repairs are usually done on the same day. Metal dentures can have new teeth added either using acrylic or by laser welding new metal to the denture to support these new tooth additions. Metal clasps can also be replaced using both methods.


We can also professionally clean and polish your dentures in our Laboratory using specialist denture cleaning equipment.

Custom Mouthguards are designed to minimise the risk of injury to your teeth while playing sport or participating in boxing or martial arts.

They have application in any activity where facial injury can arise such as Football, Boxing, MMA, Hockey, Mountain biking, Skateboarding and Squash to name a few.

These mouthguards are formed over a model of your mouth and depending on the level of protection required, can involve several layers of different materials.

Rosebud Denture Clinic can service your Sport Club and can visit you at the Club Registration or Sign on day to take impressions for Mouthguards for the whole team. We can also help you decide which type of Mouthguard will best suit your needs.

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